Most + noun
Ex: Most cheese is made from cow’s milk.
Ex: Most Swiss people understand French.
Most + determiner/ pronoun (a, the, this, my, him...)
Ex: He has eaten 2 pizzas and most of a cold chicken.
Ex: Most of my friend live abroad.
Ex: She has eaten most of that cake.
Ex: Most of us though he was wrong.
Most được dùng như 1 danh từ
Ex: Some people had difficulty with the lecture, but most understood.
Ex: Ann and Robby found a lot of blackberries, but Susan found the most.
Most + adjective khi mang nghĩa very
Ex: That is most kind of you.
Ex: Thank you for a most interesting afternoon.

Almost :can be followed by the phrase : " of the " or a number or quantities( 90 %,...)
Almost can be followed by a VERB , ADVERB
We are almost here
he almost finished his homework
Almost mà cộng ADJ thì đúng quá còn gì , nó là 1 ADV mừ .

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